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Texas Border Recon
Standard Operating Procedures



1. All personnel are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner. Honesty and integrity are pillars of this organization, and paramount to any operation.

2. Complete honesty and truthfulness is expected regardless of the circumstances of any event, or affiliation with any group. Omission of the truth shall be considered a violation of this policy. This requirement extends beyond the operational time period in regards to any and all related information dissemination of any form.


1. All personnel are required to comply with all local, state and federal laws. This includes firearms, traffic, trespassing, etc. There will be no exceptions to this. 


1. All personnel, regardless of position, will have a government issued identification card with a photo on their person at all times. Any form of issued identification must be current and valid. The following are acceptable forms:

a. Driver’s License

b. State issued identification card

c. Military identification card

d. U.S. Passport. 


1. Any personnel participating in operations shall not make contact with public individuals or officials, and shall not engage in conversation/contact with persons outside of the organization without permission. Personnel shall not approach or make contact with persons outside of the organization without written/oral permission from leadership. Opinions, ideology, etc. shall not be discussed, and any conversations shall be restricted to the subject at hand. Inquiries, and other communique from law enforcement or outside personnel shall be directed to TBR Leadership. 

2. Exceptions to this include answering questions by a law enforcement officer or agent directed at the individual member for the purposes of official business. 

3. Photos, video and other media recordings of various types shall not be disseminated to the public without prior approval of TBR Leadership.

4. Locations, names and other identifiable information relating to personnel and/or operations shall not be made public in any fashion, or distributed. Operational and Personnel security is top priority. 


1. Any personnel operating a motor vehicle will ensure compliance with Texas insurance requirements and obey any and all traffic laws. Additionally, drivers will ensure their vehicle information is up-to-date with the records database. The following information is required:

a. Year

b. Make

c. Model

d. Color

e. Issuing State for Vehicle Registration

f. Vehicle Registration (plate) Number. 

2. Regular preventative maintenance checks and services (PMCS) shall be conducted regularly to ensure proper working order of all items due to the harsh conditions the vehicle will be subjected to.



1. The following information will be maintained and recorded for the duration of the operation:

a. Personnel Roster 

i. The Personnel Roster is a joint effort database of all personnel participating in the operation. Initial data is entered by participating units prior to arrival, whenever possible. Additional information and updates will be completed while in the AO (Area of Operation) by TBR Leadership. At a minimum, the following shall be recorded: Name, Phone Number, Affiliation, Medical Conditions, Blood Type, and, if driving, Vehicle Year, Make, Model, Color, State, License Registration Number, AO Assignment, Team Leader’s Name, Team Leader’s Phone Number, Current Status

b. Record of Emergency Data

i. Prior to arrival, all personnel will complete the Personnel Accountability Form questionnaire online.
ii. Any updates should be immediately brought to Leadership’s attention and reflected within the database.

2. All participating Team Leaders will ensure each individual has completed the required forms, and has updated the personnel roster completely. Each individual is required to sign the Waiver and SOP signature form prior to arrival in the AO. It is advisable that a copy of both forms are maintained on hand for the individual and Team Leader. Signed originals shall be turned into TBR Leadership upon arrival.



1. Personnel are encouraged to bring whatever gear the individual feels comfortable with. That said, there are basic requirements outlined below that must be adhered to. Outside the scope of the minimum requirements, additional/other/optional gear is for the individual to decide what is needed. It is suggested to pack lightly and keep items to a minimum. The climate is typically harsh one way or another (summer, winter).


1. TBR personnel shall be issued a unit patch. The patch remains property of Texas Border Recon. Whenever possible, TBR personnel shall affix the unit patch on the outermost garment on the left sleeve consistent with a uniform appearance. Events, gatherings, training and similar functions, appropriate attire should be worn in an appropriate fashion. Upon voluntary/involuntary termination of participation, the patch shall be returned to TBR immediately. This includes any additional items issued such as IR strobes, thermal ID markers, etc.

2. In regards to uniforms, TBR understands that visiting units may have established requirements. During the operating time with TBR, visiting personnel shall be required to sanitize uniforms of all unit patches, nametapes, callsign tapes and other unique identifier type patches, to include morale items. This is done for the safety and security of those involved and to present a uniformed and professional appearance for the entire contingent. IFF markers are an exception. Additionally, a patch shall be worn indicating the blood type and any allergies of the individual, on the outermost garment in any location clearly visible. 

3. A belt is required for all personnel and shall be worn at all times while on operation. 


1. Personnel are authorized the following styles of firearms for personal defense according to Texas and federal law. Variations of these firearms is not authorized. Only iron sights/approved sights are authorized.

a. AR-15 platform rifle in.223 or 5.56 caliber or .300 blackout.

b. Pump action / semi-automatic shotgun in 12 gauge. 

c. AK-47 platform rifle.

d. Any pistol make or caliber.

2. The following items are authorized for use:

a. Forward pistol grips for rifle, and variants thereof. 

b. Slings / carabiners of any configuration.

3. The following items are prohibited:

a. Weapons modified beyond legal limits.

b. Short Barrel Rifles (SBR’s) without Class III licenses.

c. Armor-piercing / incendiary ammunitions.


1. All personnel shall maintain and carry the following Identify Friend or Foe (IFF) items at all times:

a. Infrared (IR) issued or approved patches, an IR approved Strobe/Beacon that flashes. All personnel are required to display approved patches or approved strobes from dusk to dawn on outward uniform.

b. IR/Subdued U.S./Approved Flag patches. Individuals shall display the patch on the outermost garment of the uniform at all times, regardless of daylight. Placement of the IR flag should be on the right shoulder. Additional flags may be worn on caps, gear, etc.


1. All personnel shall maintain a medical first aid kit capable of treating, at minimum, a snakebite or gunshot wound. This kit must be on the person at all times while conducting operations in the field.

2. It is TBR policy that medical kits are stowed on the wearers left side, in a dedicated pouch. All personnel shall carry two (2) tourniquets.


1. Handheld radios are required for all individuals participating in operations. Additionally, personnel working forward of the vehicle staging areas shall utilize an earpiece, when possible. A second battery (spare) is required for all personnel. Any
mission specific programming of radios done by TBR prior to deployment will be removed at the end of any operation for security purposes. TBR personnel shall maintain a mobile radio in their vehicle whenever possible.

2. Personnel are to keep all radio traffic to a minimum. Non-mission oriented traffic is not authorized. Whenever possible, groups of personnel should only keep one radio on at a time to conserve batteries.

3. Radio traffic shall be kept professional to the extent possible for compliance with FCC regulations. Only authorized callsigns determined prior to use are authorized. Radios are only to be used for official purposes and within the area of operations. Exceptions to this shall be granted by the communications directed prior to use outside the scope of this policy.

4. TBR personnel shall utilize the provided encryption methods for radio communications whenever possible. Those times it is a necessity to transmit information in the clear, shall made known by stating the fact over the air. Personnel that do not have the ability to secure radio traffic are exempt.


1. When required, all personnel are required to obtain and keep on hand a set of binoculars.

2. At the minimum, a note pad and two writing utensils are required to be carried by each individual. It is suggested that weatherproofed items are used.

3. Global Positioning System/Satellite (GPS) device is required for all Team Leaders. The minimum requirement shall be to obtain the user’s location. All grid coordinates shall be in decimal degree format (00.000, -000.000) for continuity.



1. Photos, video and social media status updates shall be approved by TBR Leadership prior to posting, disseminating or releasing. Failure to comply with this shall result in immediate dismissal from the operation, and bar the individual(s) from further participation with TBR.

2. Persons contacted outside of the organization’s personnel shall not be interviewed or questioned, photographed, or recorded in any fashion without express permission from Leadership. Conversations are to be kept cordial and professional. Personal questions, opinionated questions and statements and other discussion is not authorized. Interviewing law enforcement officials, local residents or others is not authorized. Failure to comply with this shall result in immediate dismissal from the operation, and bar the individual(s) from further participation with TBR.

3. Contact with law enforcement by non-TBR personnel shall be immediately reported via radio to Leadership. Personnel without a TBR representative present shall defer all inquiries and communications from agents to TBR Leadership. Failure to comply with this shall result in immediate dismissal from the operation, and bar the individual(s) from further participation with TBR.

4. Uniformity is a requirement for all personnel in regards to appearance. Visiting personnel are expected to sanitize uniforms prior field deployment. This includes all unit patches, nametapes, callsign tapes and other unique identifiers. The exception to this policy is blood type and IR markers, which are required for all concerned.

5. Deployment transportation to and from the AO is the responsibility of the individual. Visiting personnel will be given a directions to a suitable location in the field where they can meet with TBR Leadership. All food, water and other sustainment items are the responsibility of the individual. Individuals should expect that many, but not all, locations are “campsite” types with no facilities. Individuals should expect not to have electricity, running water or restroom access. Some locations do not have cellular network coverage.

LAST REVISED 21 April 2022


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